SAP R/3 is the primary enterprise resource planning system used by major global corporations. SAP offers unparalled control over resources and costs.

Primavera is a world class project management application. It offers flexibility and performance for scheduling, resource leveling and managing activities related to major projects and maintenance planning.

World class management of large scale capital projects, plant maintenance turnarounds, shutdowns and outages requires that these two systems work well together!

Key SAP information, such as work orders, equipment, FLOC, work center and material availability, needs to be provided to project managers and work schedulers using Primavera to improve their effectiveness during planning, scheduling, and execution activities. Likewise SAP needs to be informed of schedule dates, resource information and progress from Primavera. This requires integration.

The integration of SAP and Primavera can be tricky. You can build your own integration solutions using SAP and Primavera API’s, and there are also some vendors that offer specialty products specifically for this integration.

To learn more about integrating Primavera and SAP, request our whitepaper on “Five Keys to Successful Primavera SAP Integration.”

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